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Background on the TCOM Approach

Training & Certification

In order to be a CANS-NY assessor for the health home program, a provider must attend a training (online or in-person) and complete a certification exam with a minimum reliability score of 0.70 (online). Supervisors should maintain a reliability score of 0.80.

CANS-NY Manuals

  • CANS-NY for Infants and Children Ages 0 to 5: Manual
  • CANS-NY for Children and Youth Ages 6 to 21: Manual

Tip Sheets

CANS-NY Webinars

Behavioral Health Module 6-21 (November 2021)

Developing Fluency with the CANS-NY (October 2021)

Considering Needs in School (September 2021)

Working Together: Engaging the Interdisciplinary Team (July 2021)

Child Strengths Domain (June 2021)

Thinking About Caregivers (May 2021)

  • Masking Principle (April 2021)
  • Trauma Module 6-21 (March 2021)

Exploring the Action Levels (February 2021)

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  • Child Strengths Domain 6-21 (December 2020)
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  • Delivering the CANS-NY Remotely; Q&A (November, 2020)
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  • Rating Multiple Caregivers (2019): Slide Deck
  • Conducting the CANS-NY and HCBS Assessments via the Phone or Web (May 2020): Slide Deck FAQ
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HCBS Eligibility Resources

Webinar #1: TCOM, Collaborative Assessment and the Application of the Six key charactertistics to HCBS eligibility determination. (June 2020)

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Webinar #2: Assessment of the CANS-NY HCBS determination-related items and TCOM strategies for care coordination. (June 2020)

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Webinar #3: Q&A and available learning supports (June 2020)

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NYS DOH Resources