CANS-NY Lunch & Learn Webinars

Considering Trauma

Behavioral Health Module 6-21 (November 2021)

Developing Fluency with the CANS-NY (October 2021)

Considering Needs in School (September 2021)

Working Together: Engaging the Interdisciplinary Team (July 2021)

Child Strengths Domain (June 2021)

Thinking About Caregivers (May 2021)

Masking Principle (April 2021)

Trauma Module 6-21 (March 2021)

Exploring the Action Levels (February 2021)

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Child Strengths Domain 6-21 (December 2020)

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Delivering the CANS-NY Remotely; Q&A (November, 2020)

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Conducting the CANS-NY and HCBS Assessments via the Phone or Web (May 2020): Slide Deck FAQ

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Selected Topics from the TCOM Channel

We’re All Experts in Our Own Ways

It’s About the Person, Not the Person In Care

You can ask almost any question if you do it from a caring perspective.

Strengths and needs are not opposites

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Collaboration Manages Complexity

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

All relationships can be transformational.

You’ve got to slow down to speed up.

How do we manage needs that don’t change?

Predicting success using the CANS

Strengths over time and mental health

Additional CANS-NY Videos

HCBS Eligibility Resources

Webinar #1: TCOM, Collaborative Assessment and the Application of the Six key charactertistics to HCBS eligibility determination. (June 2020)

Webinar #2: Assessment of the CANS-NY HCBS determination-related items and TCOM strategies for care coordination. (June 2020)

Webinar #3: Q&A and available learning supports (June 2020)