In order to be a CANS-NY assessor for the Health Home program, a provider must first attend an in-person training or take the online CANS-NY course, then complete a certification exam with a minimum reliability score of 0.70. Supervisors should maintain a reliability score of 0.80.

Upcoming in-person training events:

Youth & Family Engagement Training

This four-hour, in-person training for Care Managers and their Supervisors, and CFTSS and HCBS downstream service providers will focus on Building Youth & Family Engagement: Supporting Collaborative Practice with the CANS-NY. The training will emphasize practice, role-play, and experiential understanding of youth and family engagement strategies, including the use of outreach contacts to develop engagement and begin assessment, an understanding of the importance of the assessment process in complex care coordination, and the ability to build a shared understanding of the purpose of the CANS-NY to youth and families during the assessment and care planning process.  Strategies for using the CANS-NY action levels to develop a shared vision with youth and family, to negotiate disagreement and build consensus, and to talk about sensitive topics with youth and family will be presented and practiced.  Throughout the training, a range of strategies to build, track, and sustain engagement with youth and their caregivers will be learned by participants.

Registration is limited and is open now.  To register for these trainings:

  • Log on to
  • On the home page, choose “New York” as the Category for the calendar
  • Click on the Youth and Family Engagement training date that works best for you
  • Click “Details” to view the training’s registration page and register
  • You will receive an email notification regarding your registration and a second email confirming that your registration has been approved.

CANS–NY Introductory Training 

This introductory training will prepare attendees to take their certification examination. Training also will prepare participants for meaningful use of the CANS–NY with health home youth and families. This training is offered for providers and health home care managers who are not yet certified in the CANS–NY, and those who are not yet familiar with the use of CANS–NY in health home care management.

Click below for the CANS-NY Spring 2020 Training Availability

CANS–NY Supervisor Training 

This full–day training gives an overview of the ways that the CANS–NY has been used to meaningfully manage different service sectors in New York. Additionally, it provides a developmental and cultural framework for the implementation of TCOM and the CANS–NY in supervision and care management. Care management supervisors will learn how to supervise around collaborative assessment, care planning, and progress monitoring with the CANS–NY. Strategies for supporting cultural humility and culturally responsive care, and integrating CANS–NY information into individual supervision and team development are presented. Time will be provided for supervisors to practice skills presented and participate in small–group discussion of relevant issues that arise in supervising the CANS–NY in Health Home care management.

Click below for the Spring 2020 training schedule.

To register for an in-person training:

  1. Log in to
  2. On the home page, view the Calendar and choose “New York” as the Category
  3. Click on the course with the date that works best for you
  4. Click “Details” to view the training’s registration page and register

To access the online course:

  1. Log into
  2. Enroll in the New York bundle of courses (pages 5-6 of the Training Site Guide)
  3. Navigate to one of the below courses (pages 8-22 of the Training Site Guide)
    • CANS-NY 2016 Training, Testing, and Certification 0-5
    • CANS-NY 2016 Training, Testing, and Certification 6-21
    • CANS-NY 2011 Training, Testing, and Certification OMH HCBS Waiver and SPO

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