This page outlines next steps for Qualified Individuals (QIs) in New York State who have completed the CANS-NY live training course and are ready to complete the CANS-NY certification process.

Choose the option that most represents you:

I‘m new to I need to create an account and certify with the CANS-NY.

I already have an account at and I’m looking to certify with the CANS-NY.

I’d like to download some documents used in the live training.

Brand new to

I have an account but need to Certify or Re-Certify:

I’d like to download documents from the CANS-NY Training:

Note: Documents here are for training purposes.
There may be newer versions.
Visit to download the latest versions.
Questions about documents should be directed to:

CANS-NY 6-21 Reference Guide (Manual)

CANS-NY Scoresheet

CANS User Tip Sheet

TCOM Training Tips

CANS-NY Assessment and Summary Sheet (updated 6/8/22)
Printing Instructions for CANS-NY Excel Sheet

Attachment A OCFS-5571 – Qualified Individual Report

Best Practice Example – 5571 Qualified Individual Report

TCOM Needs and Strengths Tip Sheet

Qualified Individual Critical Thinking and Decision Points

Qualified Individual Participant Worksheet

Amber Vignette Rating Practice Activity

CANS Activity Links

Amber rating activity

Amber narrative summary activity

Amber documentation and decision activity

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