The updated training website includes changes to navigation, appearance, and content structure to make it more user-friendly. However, we know it takes time to adjust to a new platform. The TCOM Helpdesk developed a How-To Guide (viewable here) with screenshots to support users in navigating the new site, and we’ve included more FAQs about site navigation below!

I cannot pass the final exam or am confused on some of the domains.
What do I do?

Please contact with a subject line of “NY Coaching Request” and let us know you would like coaching. Our team will connect you with a coach in your region.


I passed an exam, why hasn’t my certificate generated?

To obtain a certificate, you must complete ALL of the steps in the corresponding course. Simply passing a final exam does not grant you a certificate. To complete all the steps:


I completed the course and took an exam, but am not sure what my score is?

If you didn’t see your score at the top of your page when you completed the exam, you can view a history of all your scores under your Dashboard.



I completed the course, passed my exam, but can’t find my certificate?

Certificates can be viewed by selecting “Me” then “My Certificates” on the top toolbar.



The How-To Guide and this series on FAQs should be a helpful starting point. Always feel free to reach out to the TCOM Helpdesk ( with challenges and they’ll connect with you within a business day to provide assistance.

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