Collaboration is the ongoing process of bringing different perspectives together into a shared vision of where a situation is currently, where it needs to be, and how the team will achieve that goal together. Collaboration is the basic principle of the CANS-NY and the structure of the Technical Assistance Institute. This principle is also key to the New York State Medicaid Redesign Team’s vision for care of children and families through Children’s Health Homes: comprehensive care through effective teaming and service coordination.

At its core, the CANS-NY is a collaborative communication tool for families and providers. Each item was selected for its relevance to care planning, with ratings that translate elements of a child/family’s story into an action level. With action levels clearly identified for each aspect of that child’s story, families, providers, and administrators can have a shared understanding about the needs/strengths of a child. Moving forward with a shared understanding helps all involved coordinate a thoughtful and responsive plan of care.

This same core principle of collaboration and action-oriented planning underlies the structure of the CANS-NY Institute. These collaborative workgroups drive the activities of the Institute through:

Collaborative workgroups occur at nearly every level of the Institute. These workgroups bring together stakeholders with different perspectives on improving training, coaching, and data use supports.

For more information about the TCOM perspective on collaboration, check out!

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