Coaching Supports

The TCOM training and coaching philosophy is based on current best practices in adult learning. It’s important to foster a collaborative learning process with a focus on actively engaging the learner. For users of the CANS-NY, this active engagement consists of:

  • Initial training and certification in the CANS-NY
  • Annual recertification after refresher trainings
  • Provision of coaching support resources

CANS-NY Coaching Supports

To support CANS-NY users who are attempting certification (taking the first step to effective use of the tool), the Institute has a cohort of regional CANS-NY coaches who have completed additional training to develop their skills as mentors for new and current CANS-NY users. A current listing of the coaches can be found at our Regional Coaches page. Users who are struggling with certification or who have questions about the tool are encouraged to reach out to these coaches. A coach can provide feedback on a user’s testing patterns and support his/her learning process.

Based on coaching contacts with CANS-NY users throughout the State, the coaches have found that the following strategies are very helpful for achieving reliability and effectively using the CANS-NY:

  • Take a practice test! Practice tests are not timed and you can compare your answers with the preferred ratings immediately.
  • Give yourself enough time to take the test (at least 45 minutes), in a quiet place that is free from distractions.
  • Remember that the Child Strengths Domain is rated differently from all the other domains:


  • Remember ALL items in the Caregiver Needs & Strengths domain are rated as needs:



  • Take the course that matches the age group you work with: the CANS-NY manual/tool is different for children ages 0-5 than the CANS-NY manual/tool for youth ages 6-21.

For a list of the current certified coaches and their contact information, check out the Regional Coaches page!

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