New Training Site FAQs (Part 1)

New York’s transition to our new platform is complete, and we continue to look for better ways to support users in working through the online training and achieving certification. While the Regional Coaches continue to provide coaching on course content and effective use of the CANS-NY, the TCOM Help Desk ( provides support for technical issues with the online training site and registration for in-person trainings.  Based on the support requests that have come in over the past few weeks, we’ve compiled a series of frequently asked questions that we’ll share here and in our How-To Guide.


I used to have an account with, how do I access the new site?

For the first time logging in on the new site, go to:

  • Username: The email your account is associated with
  • Temporary Password: password
  • You will be prompted to reset your password after completing steps 1 & 2


  • Username:
  • Password: password
  • Reset Password: kidsmatter


How do I make sure I’ve chosen the correct agency?

Country: United States

Regional Designation: New York

Unit: Agency

  • Start typing the name of your agency and it will start to auto-populate.
  • The naming convention is: Agency – ACS or Non-ACS – NYC Provider – Program.
  • As long as you have “Non-Administration of Children’s Services – New York City Provider,” in the name (like in the example below), it indicates that you are NOT affiliated with ACS and NOT affiliated with New York City.See the example below:

agency lookup


I need to reset my password, but haven’t received the reset email yet?

Make sure your agency’s firewalls are not blocking our reset emails. Ask your IT department to whitelist the following domains:

Reach out to

Stay tuned for our next post with more FAQ’s and feel free to comment below with a question that you’d like to see answered!

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